When Your Dogs Deserve Nothing But The Best

At Tranquilo Pets, we believe your pets shouldn’t be eating unhealthy, unnatural, and inorganic foods and treats. We’ve developed a unique formulation that’s all natural, organic, and helps instantly relieve your pet’s anxious mood.

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Just like ours, your dogs are a part of your family, so it is only natural that you want to give them the very best. Our range of 100% organic & natural products aims to do just that. These premium quality wellness products use the power of natural herbs to promote the health and vitality of your pet.

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Turmeric And Hemp Calming Bites

Your pets deserve the best and what’s inside the product matters. Our premium Calming Bites contain only the best organic & natural ingredients for your beloved pet. Using the power of natural herbs, we have developed an effective nutritional treat that calms your pet, ...

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